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About Your Voice

We want to hear from you!

Have you ever used the internet to sell or exchange sex? Advertised sex or sexual activity on a website like Vivastreet or Adult Work? Been involved in camming?

We believe that your voices and experiences should be key to developing and creating support services around your health, safety and well-being. We believe women should have opportunities to feel empowered and supported to share their needs, expectations and experiences and we want to support you to do this.

We are setting up ways for you to get involved with Click, to enable women to feedback on existing services but also help to shape new services by suggesting ideas to develop.

We are calling this a Women’s Forum but we know that women are not always able to get together as an actual group. The forum is open to any women in Scotland who have been involved in selling or exchanging sex online. Taking part is entirely voluntary and women can leave or opt out at any stage.

Your level of involvement is also completely up to you. You might want to anonymously respond to polls or general surveys in the “what do you think?” section, you can anonymously submit your story or you might want to email or Whatsapp Anna to chat about becoming more involved in Click and discussing ideas with peers.

If you would like to get involved or discuss it more drop an email to Anna at or call or Whatsapp Anna on 07754 753622.


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