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Meet the team


Thanks for coming to check us out! I'm Yvonne and I'm the Team Leader of CLiCK. My background is working with women in various capacities starting with Community Education. I learned quickly that in order for women to engage in learning they needed support to work through their experiences of Gender Based Violence. Therefore I adapted my own learning to understanding how violence and exploitation impacts on our lives and affects our self-worth. I have worked in various GBV roles using a trauma informed and advocacy approach. I am dedicated to women having a voice and accessing timely and person-centred advice or support whatever their needs. I never cease to learn from women as I age myself! Joining CLiCK was a decision based on my passion to improve the lives of women, particularly for women who sell or exchange sex. My first job though is being a mother to two daughters, a god-daughter and a son on the Autistic Spectrum. I also care for my elderly granda in his 90's!! I love my animals and I'm also a Munro bagger - hiking keeps me fit. What can I say every minute is accounted for!


That's a lot of information on me but I am more interested to hear about you! Please contact us and have a chat...whether that is for support or just to share your views with us. I believe that CLiCK gives women a platform to provide feedback to key decision makers. Your views are important and can influence changes in the way services respond to women involved in the sex industry...therefore use this opportunity to be heard! The team and I look forward to hearing from you....



Hey, I’m Laurie, the Women’s Worker for Click in Lanarkshire. I was always interested in helping out what you could call minority groups, which led me into a support role helping men, LGBT+ and BME people who were experiencing domestic abuse. CLiCK, for me, is a great opportunity to learn from women as well as help out where I can. I’m a cat person, I love watching true crime documentaries and I’ve recently learned how to knit. Not very well might I add …



Hi, I’m Mel! I’m based at Alcohol & Drugs Action and, for the last fifteen years, I have worked with women who use alcohol and drugs, women who are selling / exchanging sex online (as well as on the street) and supported women who have experienced gender-based violence and complex trauma. I believe in engaging with women on their own terms and encouraging them to make their own decisions. I’m passionate about reducing harms for women involved in the sex industry whilst helping to improve the representation of women in our society as a whole. I am proud to work in a service for women that is run by women.



I’m Githa and I am the Click Women’s Worker for the Borders, Mid/East/West Lothian and Edinburgh. My work is to make it easier for you to find the support that can help you enhance your wellbeing and safety e.g. housing, healthcare and anything else that helps to meet your needs. I can also be just that person to have a blether, confidentially. I used to teach yoga & mindfulness and I am passionate about wellbeing, in all its forms.



I’m Zoe and I’m the CLICK Women’s Worker for Fife and Forth Valley. My background is working with women in a variety of settings to encourage, support and provide opportunities for their voices to be heard. I am passionate about engaging with women, creating opportunity and tackling poverty. I’m currently trying to eat a bit better and exercise more which is something I need to work harder at, do you have any tips to help with this? I enjoy getting outdoors and exploring new places. I look forward to chatting soon.



Hello, Linzi here. I am delighted to be the Click Women’s Worker for Angus and Dundee. I strive to display kindness to all, to be truthful and genuine in all that I do. I am here to listen and to learn at a pace that is comfortable for you. Some of my lifelong loves are cats, Taekwondo and the Harry Potter book series.



Hi, I’m Audrey. Iam the Click Women’s Worker for the Glasgow and Clyde area. I have always been passionate about supporting women and have done so for many years. Mostly the women I have supported have been survivors of some form of gender-based violence or exploitation. I am a feminist, a music fan and a human slave to 6 rescued cats. In my spare time I am involved in animal rescue and rehoming and I fundraise for a cat sanctuary in India. I look forward to chatting with you.



Hey, I’m Shannon – the CLiCK Resource and Information Officer! My role is all about working with women to make sure CLiCK is producing helpful, relevant information – like where to find key support services in your local area and safety tips. I also work closely with Anna, the Development Worker, to take women’s voices and experiences to decision makers. Before this role, I was a research psychologist – studying social media use and wellbeing. I am passionate about making online spaces safer for women who sell/exchange sex or images, and I am a strong advocate for increased data protection and privacy for women. I love yoga, listening to comedy podcasts, and getting outdoors with my rescue staffie – Miko.



Hi, I’m Ally! I am based in Kilmarnock as the Click Women’s Support Worker for PAN Ayrshire and Dumfries and Galloway. Click is a national service to Scotland working alongside women who are selling/exchanging sex online. My background is working with children/young people/women and families in a variety of settings, offering support with gender-based violence, addiction, mental health, complex trauma and homelessness. I feel passionate about people’s voices listened to. In my spare time I love walking, music and reading. For more info, advice or support please get in touch.



Hiya, I’m Anna, the CLiCK Development Worker. My role is all about helping your voices to be heard, whether that be within CLiCK, other services or by decision makers. I also support women to find creative ways to tell their story and work closely with Shannon the Resource and Information Officer to ensure women’s voices are the core part of the info we produce. I’m really passionate about working alongside women to foster change and love exploring interesting, creative ways of doing this. My background is working with women within the Violence Against Women sector and homelessness. I love getting outside and exploring new places, as well as watching films (Marvel all the way!) and doing a wee bit of knitting! Looking forward to chatting with you.