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Together, Alone Toolkit...coming soon!

Over the past 7 months, we have been working on Together, Alone our wellbeing and arts project. We wanted to create a project that could be collectively built on together during a time of real need, that provided a safe space with warm, encouraging voices exploring self-care, as well as somewhere women could share what works for them. The time has now come for the release of the culmination of all that work: The Together, Alone Toolkit! This interactive resource will provide space for readers to reflect on what self-care means to them, while building their own self-care toolkit. It is full of tips and tools and discussion around what self-care means to us all, with reflection and activity pages built in. The toolkit was developed in collaboration with women with lived experience of selling or exchanging sex or images, CLiCK workers, other support services, and artists.

We want anyone who needs some help at the moment to know that they have value, that they deserve the time and space to do the things that replenish and nourish them, and that they have support in doing this. We hope that the toolkit will help with this.

We are very excited to be launching the toolkit on Wednesday 27th January next week so keep an eye on our social media. We can’t wait to share it with you and hear what you think! Check out a sneak peak below...


We are sad to announce that the CLiCK service will be coming to an end on 31/05/2021.

You can find full information on the availability of our services until this time here.

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