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Together Alone – where are we now?

Hi everyone, Anna here - CLiCK’s Development Worker.

CLiCK Magazine is well underway now. This is a creative platform designed to offer a space to connect with women, where women can voice their needs, concerns, and experiences during the coronavirus pandemic and have these voices taken to decision makers. With us gradually coming out of lockdown and tentatively discovering what the world is like living with Covid, I thought I would update you all on our wellbeing arts project: Together Alone.

Since it launched, we have been exploring self-care, looking at the links between self-care and creativity and inviting women to share tips and tools for our collective self-care toolkit. We hope to build something together that has useful information for women, as well as a space to look at what needs to improve when self-care doesn’t go far enough.

Over on our weekly blogs, we have had a range of different voices exploring things like the 5 categories of self-care, how to start a new creative project and trying out our first lot of masterclasses from artist Alice Dansey-Wright.

These Masterclasses are part of our discussion around creativity and self-care. The first of these come from Alice Dansey-Wright a Glasgow-based artist who does a lot of work with textiles and printing. She created a set of 3 accessible workshops that anyone can do at home – particularly with the help of our workshop packs which contain all the materials you need to do the masterclasses, including easy to follow printouts. The masterclasses cover doodle design, motif making and printing with items you have in your house. Our workshop packs come fabric paints and a blank canvas tote bag for you to use for your finished designs!

Our next series of masterclasses start this week and will be looking at photography and the 5 categories of self-care with Dundee-based photographer Kathryn Rattray, starting with a masterclass based on Movement. These will help build confidence and skills around photography, as well as encouraging you to just give it a go! You can read all about Kathryn and her upcoming Masterclasses on her blog (LINK). We’ll also be adding these Masterclasses along with additional materials to our free packs.

If you would like a free workshop pack sent out to you, you can contact us confidentially via either Your Voice, or the contact form on the CLiCK Magazine site.

We would also love to hear from you about what self-care has been working for you during lockdown. Do you have any tips and tools to share as part of the Together Alone Toolkit? Or do you have any suggestions for what to explore in our next blog post? You can contact us anonymously and confidentially here.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Take care, Anna


We are sad to announce that the CLiCK service will be coming to an end on 31/05/2021.

You can find full information on the availability of our services until this time here.

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