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Our new promotional materials!

New Promo Materials

We had a mix of opinions about our promotional materials, so we took your feedback on board and created new ones! We’re so excited to reveal our brand-new range of posters are flyers. Anna, the Development Worker for CLiCK, talks us through the whole design process on our blog today. We would love to hear from women with lived experience of selling / exchanging sex or images about what you think of our new materials. Get in touch via Your Voice.

I recently received a really exciting package of our brand-new promotional materials. In the midst of everything that has been going on, it felt good to hold a tangible piece of work in my hand and remember life did exist pre-coronavirus.

One of the reasons it was so exciting to receive the materials, was knowing that these had been worked on closely with women who have lived experience of selling or exchanging sex via Your Voice. This process of consultation involved taking initial ideas to women, then taking the materials at different stages of design to gather feedback, comments and suggestions.

The process began with discussion with women one-to-one about our existing materials, with a mix of opinions coming forward. There was discussion around the images being corporate and bland, as well as playing into stereotypes – although for some this was seen as a positive. Women suggested words to guide our design process – such as connection, power, confidence and partnership. These were the words we then focussed on for the new materials during a working group discussion with women’s workers where we wrote the new copy and discussed image ideas.

The first draft (and each draft after that) was then taken back to women one-to-one for them to have their say on the new direction, as well as to check in around language and image selection. This consultation process happened until we reached a point where women were happy with the finished product and it was time to launch!

We would love to hear from women with lived experience about what you think of our new materials, or anything else to do with CLiCK. You can contact me via Your Voice. Looking forward to hearing from you!