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Introducing CLiCK Magazine

Click Magazine

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has greatly impacted the lives of women who sell and exchange sex. Through Your Voice at CLiCK, women have told us that they have a variety of urgent needs around money, housing, mental and physical wellbeing, and online safety. We wanted to provide a creative platform to connect with women and for women to voice their needs, concerns, and experiences during the coronavirus pandemic in order to take women’s voices up to the strategic level to the people making decisions that affect women’s lives, right now. So, we developed CLiCK Magazine.

CLiCK Magazine ( is an online platform made up of four key parts: 1) CLiCK Podcast – a podcast series exploring the needs of women during the coronavirus pandemic, 2) Together, Alone– a wellbeing arts based project exploring self-care, 3) RISE – an online survey platform asking questions about women’s opinions and experiences during the coronavirus pandemic, and 4) Your Voice – a space for women to creatively explore their needs, concerns, and experiences during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond. Together, we hope that these four elements will creatively capture the lived experience of women who sell or exchange sex and help shape the support landscape for women as Scotland learns to adapt to a “new normal”.



At CLiCK, we strongly believe that services across all sectors, and across Scotland, must work together to become more aware of – and more responsive to – the needs of women who sell or exchange sex. RISE is our survey platform which aims to anonymously capture women’s needs and experiences around a variety of issues during the coronavirus pandemic, in order to help shape the support landscape for women in Scotland. How can we make private gallery platforms safer? How can we best protect your housing rights? How can we make sure you have access to the sexual health care you need, regardless of whether you live in a small rural town or large city? These are just a few of the questions we are hoping to explore with women in order to ensure women’s voices are heard across a variety of issues.



In this podcast series, Anna (CLiCK Development Worker) and Shannon (CLiCK Resource and Information Officer) highlight women’s needs during the coronavirus pandemic. Women’s voices are at the core of each episode, with women invited to share their needs, opinions, and experiences in any way that they choose (e.g. interview, soundbite, anonymous quote/statement). In each episode, we will also hear from services who are continuing to support women during this time in order to make women aware of the help available to them, and to provide services with a platform to discuss how the pandemic has affected their ability to deliver support. Each episode will discuss a different challenge women who sell/exchange sex are facing right now, covering topics such as money, housing, online safety, sexual health, and mental wellbeing.

Together, Alone

Together Alone

Together, Alone is a wellbeing-based arts project, focused on women helping women by sharing self-care and wellbeing advice. We invite women to creatively share their self-care tips (e.g. in a photograph, a poem, a sculpture made from bits and pieces around the house) to form part of a collective self-care toolkit which celebrates the strength and resilience of women, as well as hopefully offering some relief to feelings of stress and loneliness women may be experiencing. Together, Alone is also a space to critically reflect on what mental wellbeing support should look like for women with lived experience of selling or exchanging sex. We will be working collaboratively with women artists to produce an online skills library covering topics like photography, drawing and printing, and creative writing to support women to tap into their creativity.

Your Voice

Your Voice

Your Voice is a space for women to explore their needs, concerns, and experiences during the coronavirus pandemic and beyond. By working directly with Anna (CLiCK Development Worker), women can be a part of improving CLiCK and other services for women, with the opportunity to explore creative ways of making their voice heard in a way that works for them.



COVID-19 has had, and will continue to have, a significant impact on all our lives. Although this time is uncertain, stressful, and often scary – we believe that there is no better time to start creatively redeveloping what support looks like for women who sell or exchange sex in Scotland. Women who sell/exchange sex are incredibly resilient, strong, intelligent, and resourceful – we are excited to stand by women during this time to make sure that women’s needs, experiences, and voices are heard at the highest levels of decision making to drive positive change.

Keep an eye on CLiCK social media and the CLiCK Magazine site ( for more information on how to get involved in the various parts of CLiCK Magazine. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Anna ( or Shannon (

We can’t wait to hear from you!