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CLiCK Response to OnlyFans Content Leak

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CLiCK are incredibly saddened and concerned by the recent leak of over 1 terabyte of women's content from private gallery platform, OnlyFans ( on 27 February 2020.


Everyone has the right to feel safe online without the threat of theft, doxxing, and harassment. If you are a woman who has been affected by this leak, in any way, we encourage you to seek support. At CLiCK (, you can access emotional and practical support via our anonymous and confidential live chat service. Our live chat opening times have been extended on Fri 6 March (11am-2:30pm), Mon 9 March (9am-3pm), and Tue 10 March (11am-3pm). You can also access referrals into one-to-one support where we can help you to explore your options if your content has been stolen, support you in advocating for your rights, or just listen to how things are going for you. You can also contact Scottish Women's Rights Centre ( and/or Revenge Porn Helpline ( directly for free, confidential legal advice.


At CLiCK, we have become increasingly concerned over the last year about the level of security private gallery platforms offer to women. A CLiCK spokesperson states:


"Although it is against the Terms and Conditions of OnlyFans to download and distribute content, there is no software put in place to prevent screen-recording or screen-capture which may reduce the risk of content piracy. At the moment, OnlyFans can support content creators to have their content removed from free tube platforms via DMCA takedown requests. However, with a leak of this size, content may be re-uploaded as quickly as it is removed. The leaking of women’s content can have a significant negative impact upon their finances, personal relationships, and future employment. As a result, OnlyFans has a duty of care to drastically increase their investment in the safety and wellbeing of their content creators by putting in place proactive strategies to prevent content piracy.”


We are also concerned about the ability of current legislation in Scotland to effectively support women who have experienced content piracy. The Abusive Behaviour and Sexual Harm 2016 Act prohibits the non-consensual sharing of sexual images. However, this Act does not cover sexual images which are consensually in the public domain (e.g. on public websites). Whilst women may be able to pursue copyright action, the faceless nature of this crime – and the fact the leak has now spread widely on social media – can make it extremely difficult to establish a case.


CLiCK is committed to working alongside women and partner organisations in order to ensure that platforms like OnlyFans are held to account and that Scotland’s approach to support is fit for purpose in our increasingly digital world.