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Women Behind Click

In Women Behind CLiCK, Anna – the CLiCK Development Worker – sits down with Women’s Workers to find out more about their experience, values, and approach to support. This month, Audrey and Kate – based in Glasgow and Clyde Rape Crisis – share their experience of supporting women.

So, tell us a bit about your background. What led you to the role of CLiCK Women’s Worker?

Audrey: I worked on a project called the SWAP project [a previous Glasgow-based drop-in service provided by Rape Crisis] which provided support to women who sold or exchanged sex on-street who had recently experienced sexual violence. A woman could talk to me about it or, if she decided to, I would assist her in reporting to the police. I’ve then worn many other hats within Rape Crisis. When the CLiCK project came up, I was put forward to work on it due to my background of supporting women who sell or exchange sex. I like working with women who aren’t necessarily supported by the mainstream services we have around. So, I thought it would be interesting to be involved again in supporting women who sell or exchange sex, but in a different context from what I had worked in before.